Anthem Technology Center

Architect of Record: Portman Architects

Role: Project Designer / Architect at Portman Architects

Gross Building Area: 647,000sf
Stories: 19
Height: 301′

Sustainable Certification: LEED Silver

Anthem Technology Center is the Phase I tower for the health care company’s IT team. The tower is immediately adjacent to coda and is part of the revitalization of West Peacthree St. The design simultaneously operates at multiple scales. The overall tower massing is divided into 4 corners with tree covered terraces facing northeast and southwest. At street level, the building steps back to provide ample covered sidewalks and corner retail. The lobby features a warm, backlit perforated ceiling which continues to the facade in the form of a passive, wind-driven kinetic wall system. The facade is detailed with faceted aluminum panels which reflect the changing light throughout the day. The panels create a building scale texture while maximizing views from inside the office. Large floor plates provide maximum flexibility for teams while remaining connected via a monumental stair and communal space every two floors to create spaces for collaboration and connection.