Nest & Rest
Wedowee, Alabama

Located on a quiet lake in Eastern Alabama, the Rest is the phase II construction of the Nest cabin. It features 3 bedrooms and a full floor living and dining space with a large, lake facing deck. The two levels are connected with a handmade steel and glass spiral staircase. Bedrooms have views to the lake as well as tall, north facing sawtooth windows which provide indirect light and views of the forest. The ground floor has large operable doors which create a seamless connection between the living area and deck. The cladding is composed mainly of pressed metal shingles commonly used on the roofs of historic homes in the region. The shingles catch the light bouncing off the water like the scales of the largemouth bass common in the lake.

The Nest is a 500sf, one bedroom cabin which doubles as a future boat house. The concrete cabin is nestled into the hillside with large operable doors facing the lake, integral skylights providing ample daylight, and a green roof.

The project was self-built between 2008-2010 by the whole Hardy family. It features poured-in-place concrete detailing, handmade stained glass windows in hand made wood doors, and handmade made millwork including kitchen cabinetry and retractable murphy bed.