Little Purple
Atlanta, 2022


Structural: CMST
General Contractor: DT Builds

Though the owner has always loved her 100 year old, 1000sf victorian-inspired craftsman home, she didn’t necessarily love the tiny bathrooms that came with it, nor the mishmash of nonsensical additions previous owners had added over the decades.

The 150sf new addition provides more than just a little extra space, it simplifies the entire layout by bringing in ample daylight on a tiny lot, allowing better access to the back deck, and providing a calm, efficient space for relaxation.

The details throughout the project focus on creating a sense of calm and cleanliness by simplifying all the visual noise. This includes elements like ultra-clear shower glass, sintered stone window sills, even plumbing and ventilation that integrate directly into the tile floor. The idea is that you don’t even notice these details, but you can feel the effect.