Conjunction Junction
mixed-use | urban

Developer: Portman Holdings

The US is plagued by distinct zoning rules which separate the cities into small sections of distinct uses that don’t intermingle. While this may make sense on paper, and is livable as long as you like being stuck in traffic, it makes for a terrible pedestrian experience.

The Conjunction Junction is a proposed 2,000,000sf mixed use district in a growing southern city. It joins over 800 units of mixed income residential, almost 1,000,000sf of office area, 60,000 sf of retail space at street level, and a 180 key hotel. The site runs alongside a major pedestrian-only thoroughfare and provides lots of space for restaurants with ample outdoor seating. A hotel anchors the corner of the site where the pedestrian way meets the main street.

The clustered towers are carefully oriented so that each has privacy. The office tower occupants can’t see into the residential units and vice versa, yet everyone can see a view and get plenty of daylight. The need for some vehicular parking is still a necessity in most US cities. We understand that reality yet wrap residential units around the parking and stack the office on top. The uses share the parking so there are fewer spaces needed overall. The careful intermix of parts ultimately creates a whole that is a much more livable, walkable, and efficient than it could be separately.
A plan diagram of the mixed uses and how they are joined together.