Brickhead Addition

Structural: 3LP Engineering

This addition for an artist included a new bedroom wing and upstairs bonus room. The owners loved their back yard and wanted a wrap around back porch focusing on the large oak tree. They also loved the brick on their historical style single level home. The goal was to match the material of the house with a modern addition that complimented the existing style rather than attempt to replicate it. Another important criteria was to minimize the visibility of the addition from the street.

The new addition steps down the slope of the back yard to take advantage of the grade and minimize the height from the street. The roof slopes down towards the existing house so it is practically invisible from the street. The overall form along the side steps in to match the existing roof eave and provide breathing room between the old and the new.
The living room and main bedroom seamlessly open up to the back yard while windows are carefully placed throughout to provide light and views. The end result is an extension of the home that is complimentary and contextual.